25 Ways to Reuse Your Gift Basket

25 Ways to Reuse Your Gift Basket

With our thoughtfully made gift baskets, your recipient not only receives a gift they are sure to love, they also get a beautiful basket to reuse again and again!  Below are 25 of our favorite, creative ways to reuse these baskets:

  1. Re-gift!  Of course - we're all about the gifting.
  2. Line it with a towel or napkin and fill it with chips or any other snack for a beautiful serving dish
  3. Use it to store blankets in an aesthetically pleasing way
  4. Or, put one cozy blanket in a basket for a makeshift pet bed (our cat is a big fan of this one!)
  5. Put it on your closet shelf to stack your sweaters in
  6. Fill it with bottles of wine for a charity auction (always a popular option to get plenty of bids!)
  7. Use it to stash photos or cards that you want to keep safe
  8. Stick on a shelf in your bathroom for headbands and hair scarves
  9. Use it as a centerpiece on your table, with candles in the middle
  10. Serve bread rolls in the basket, fresh out of the oven
  11. If it's a smaller basket, put it on your sink to display hand towels
  12. For the moms out there: use it to store small toys in it, especially action figures and matchbox cars
  13. Put in a plastic lining and use it to pot a beautiful plant
  14. Use it for an aesthetically pleasing way to hold firewood
  15. Stack books inside for extra storage for your guilty pleasure reads
  16. Set it on the side of your cheese and charcuterie board to arrange your crackers and flatbreads within
  17. Line your card games inside a smaller basket to find them all in one place
  18. The flatter baskets are great for setting silverware in for buffets 
  19. Easy storage for hats and gloves to grab on your way out the door
  20. Use a big basket to put away stuffed animals in kids' rooms
  21. Choose two smaller baskets to store your root vegetables in (don't forget to always separate your potatoes and onions!)
  22. Spruce up your bathroom with a basket used to store toilet paper
  23. Display lemons on your table in the summer or gourds in the fall or pinecones in the winter for a lovely seasonal decoration
  24. Put a small basket on your bar to hold wine glass markers and cocktail napkins
  25. Finally, a good old faithful way to use a basket: for laundry! 

How do you reuse your baskets? Share your ideas in the comments!

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