Holiday Gifts For Mom

Holiday Gifts For Mom

The season of giving is upon us!  Besides spending time with my family, my favorite part about the holidays is giving my favorite people gifts that I know they will love.  Because this year is so crazy (read: the worst), I've gotten an early start on my holiday shopping to not only be ahead of the game, but also to hopefully avoid any shipping issues.  

My mom is always the first person I think about buying for.  She requires a little extra planning and sneaking around, because 1. I'm bad at hiding things from her and 2. it's difficult to buy things for someone who always just buys herself what she wants!

If you're mom is anything like mine, she is incredibly hard to buy presents for.  Every year, I'm stumped about what to get her for the holidays.  Luckily, after some research and surveying, I've come up with a list of gifts that are sure to please any mom.  

1. A Good Book: Reading is a popular past-time in my family, so books always land well as gifts.  There are a few tried and true authors that I know I could never go wrong with, such as Liane Moriarty or Barbara Kingsolver, but I also like to look at what's new.  If you'd like to keep it local, check out BookShop.Org to order from/support your local bookstores.  I'm planning on gifting this book to a couple of people this year:

Writers & Lovers — Lily King

2. Cozy Clothes: What mom doesn't love a nice cozy sweater or scarf?  For this long, cold winter (in Chicago, at least), something to help them bundle up might be just the ticket! I'm a huge fan of Patagonia, for their amazing quality of clothing as well as their brand mission.  This particular sweater is both cozy and ethical, so you can't really go wrong!:


3. Candles: You can't go wrong with a candle as a gift for anyone, but they make especially great gifts for moms.  I love a fresh scent, and holiday scents just happen to be my favorite.  If you're looking for a Chicago-based candle company with amazing quality candles, look no further than Edgewater Candles.  I love their Fraser Fir mason jar candle:

Fraser Fir Candle, Edgewater Candles

4. Jewelry: Every mom loves a good piece of jewelry, whether they ask for it or not.  There are so many great small businesses to support in this category with quality pieces that you won't see anywhere else.  If you're looking for a Chicago vendor, I would recommend RedBud Jewelry.  They have such beautiful and unique pieces, you might just have to buy yourself something while you're at it! This one is my favorite:

RedBud Stacking Bracelet, RedBud Jewelry

5. Gift Baskets: I would be remiss if I didn't include any of our gifts on this list.  We have quite a few baskets that would make amazing gifts for mom.  Top of this list would be our Cozy & Cute Basket (below), which includes a cute mug, tea, face masks, hand cream and a candle.  You could also create your own gift with our 90+ items on our Create Your Own Gift Basket page.  Whichever option you choose, we will wrap it up beautifully and send it with love!

 Gift Baskets for Mom, Get Cozy Gift Basket

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