About Us

What do we do?

At Basket Case Gifts, we create thoughtfully made gift baskets for any occasion.  Choose one of our curated, homemade baskets, or create your own!  Either way you'll be sure to have a beautiful, custom gift for anyone on your list.

Who are the women behind the baskets?

My name is Rebecca, and I've always loved the act of giving someone a gift that I knew they would enjoy.  You could say that giving gifts is my love language.  This is a characteristic that runs in my family, so much so that my mom made a career of it.  This company is a revitalization of the one she started over thirty years ago.  In fact, it was created around the time that I was, and Mom went into labor with me as she was assembling baskets for a big holiday order.  You could almost say I was born to do this.  

We had been playing with the idea of bringing Basket Case back when my dad began his battle with cancer.  We would talk about it as a fun distraction to the pain and sadness we were feeling.  Before he passed away, I asked my dad, who was an entrepreneur himself, what his best advice for starting a business would be.  He said, "Believe in what you do, and do it with your whole heart." 

Gifts are an act of kindness that I believe in, the kind of every day gesture that can show someone you care.  

If you need help choosing the perfect gift for someone you love, please don't hesitate to reach out to info@basketcasegiftshop.com and we'd be happy to help!


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